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Trestle Law Classic Pricing

Classic Legal Services

Our hourly services, or “Classic Legal Services,” are what you’d typically expect to see at a law firm. We request a deposit, and bill our time hourly to help you with your case. This kind of arrangement is often the scariest for clients, because they don’t feel in control. We alleviate those fears by providing frequent updates and estimates on all projects.

Legal Matters Best Suited for Classic Services

We always try and provide a fixed fee whenever possible. It makes things easier for you and us. Trust me, nobody likes to keep track of their time. Generally speaking, the types of matters that are best suited for classic services are:

  • Complex negotiations/transactions with multiple parties
  • Litigation

Just because your case may fall into one (or both) of these categories, does not mean your entire case must be billed hourly.

Curious about a legal matter? Just ask!