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Kristen G. Roberts, Esq.
Founder & Managing Attorney
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About Kristen G. Roberts

Consistently recognized and awarded as one of the top intellectual property attorneys in her area. Kristen is highly experienced in the fields of trademark and copyright registration, licensing, and enforcement. Aside from her law practice, Kristen was born and raised in California. As a multiracial person herself, Kristen is always working towards pushing against norms and working to make change for marginalized communities by guiding them through strategies especially developed based on their needs and values. She resides in Bay Park with her husband, 3-year-old, and two rambunctious boxers.

Meet Our Team

  • Amanda L. Bruss, Esq.

    Senior Attorney
  • Kristen G. Roberts, Esq.

    Founder & Managing Attorney
  • Allegra Garside

    Associate Attorney
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    Lead intake specialist
  • Andre Adkins

    Patent Attorney
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    Marketing Assistant