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How To Trademark A Phrase

A powerful slogan can help make your brand unforgettable. Everyone remembers the brands associated with phrases, such as Nike’s “Just Do It” tagline or Staples’ “That Was Easy.” (The company has since retired this motto and replaced it with “Make More Happen”. Despite the change, many will still think “Staples” when they hear “That Was…

Pitfalls of waiting to register your IP

Having a proactive approach to your IP portfolio is vital when it comes to enforcing your rights as an owner. Registering before even launching your business will give you significant leverage when negotiating deals that will bring in a more diverse stream as well as the tools you need to pursue infringers. The longer you wait to regis…

Three Ways Licensing Can Increase Your Brand Revenue

Effective licensing can help your brand or your creative work reach more customers, make more revenue, and get more recognition. As a creator and business owner, Intellectual property (IP) licensing allows you to reach broader markets while staying focused on your main calling! What is licensing? How can Licensing increase your brand …